Testimonials ForUnited Properties

Expertise, Honesty, & Integrity

I dealt with United Properties for 25 years. At first investing in four different apartment complexes in Georgia and then developed land in Aiken, SC. At that time Jerry was working for Gerry Paulus. Later I made a major commitment into a partnership to develop a mobile home community in Aiken. Jerry eventually took over United Properties and became my main contact in the operation of Crossroads Mobile Home Community. She steered the project through the conversion from renting lots to selling lots under a PUD (planned urban development) After more than 15 years of ownership I asked Jerry to handle the sale of Crossroads and Jerry along with Marti Dickson completed the sale within a year. At this point all of my investments with Jerry Howland and United Properties have sold profitably and I have complete faith in the expertise, honesty and integrity of Jerry, Marti and the United Properties operation