Testimonials ForUnited Properties

Proven record of success

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend United Properties as a managerial firm. I highly recommend this company for totally controlling, operating and managing various sizes of rental properties. This recommendation is based on my personal experience with the company.

My initial contact with United Properties came in 1994 when I was eagerly searching various sites for a company to manage a unit of ten, two bedroom apartments located in Augusta that I owned. Because I resided in San Francisco CA, it was necessary that I place the apartments with a firm that would completely take care of all the requirements. This would include, advertising, renting, and collecting fees, care of grounds, recommendation for construction improvements and providing a complete monthly report of all the aforementioned requirements.

After a thorough search of rental agencies I selected United Properties for the job. Over the years the company has done an excellent job in managing all aspects of the property. This included recommending and supervising various construction improvements, selecting qualified renters and securing eviction when necessary.

Because of their proven record of success I unequivocally provide United Properties with the highest recommendation.